Managed Services for the Warehouse

The concept of IT Managed Services is not a new one, yet it continues to be the primary support product of many SMB and enterprise businesses. It’s a unique type of support that encompasses a proactive approach vs break/fix one.

At its very core, an MSP is a support system, an insurance policy if you will. They maintain business critical systems and ensure that business keeps ticking over efficiently and effectively. However, a quality MSP isn’t just a reactive service like the break/fix solutions. They should also be able to provide advice, forward planning and have ability to educate customers on current and future tech allowing customers to operate at an optimum level. An MSP provider becomes an embedded and active component within your business.

As technology makes its way into all aspects of business, modern MSP’s have also evolved. The days of an MSP simply running the support desk in traditional IT spaces are long gone and with niche technology comes niche MSP’s. By offering skill sets and services to accommodate a specific industry or technology they can now provide premium levels of expertise in areas that may have traditionally not been given the required attention. Generally, this outsourced service can be provided at a lower cost and with better tailored skillsets than a company could with in-house teams.

An example of this is within the Warehouse. Warehouse managed services rely on tech and systems that your average IT administrator would not have been exposed to in training or experience.   WMS, Inventory management, WiFi, mobility management and Barcoding / RFID technologies are all areas that are not traditionally taught as part of your average IT degree. Finding qualified staff to manage and maintain these areas can be challenging, and so often business turn to specialised MSP’s.

Engaging a specialist MSP to take care of your business can provide other financial benefits outside of simply reducing labour costs. When a provider has close and long-term partnership with a hardware or software vendor it is normal for that provider to have engaged in specialised training and certifications. Often with these certifications and training the MSP will also gain access to special and volume pricing which they then extend to end users. This can greatly reduce the cost of any equipment purchased through your MSP.

So, the above are just a few of the reasons as to why specialist MSP’s can be of huge benefit to business. Rugged IT offer a range of services designed to compliment and enhance the in-house IT team of any business that engages in Warehousing or Logistics. Whether it’s Rugged Mobile Device Management, barcoding / RFID systems or WIFI in the warehouse, we have solutions backed by 20+ years combined experience that will allow your business to operate smoothly and more efficiently than ever before.