Managed Services​

Rugged IT is a full featured Managed Service provider. We offer a range of customisable hardware and software service products to ensure your business continuity.

Industrial workplaces are punishing environments for electronic equipment. An expert and responsive support team proactively maintaining your equipment will reduce and prevent downtime while extending the life of your hardware and increasing favorable ROI.

Devices are susceptible to damage and mistreatment in the workplace. Accidental damage to every day wear and tear is inevitable. Reliable maintenance and repair process is a must have in today’s industrial environment.
Our full-featured Managed Service products are designed to give you complete peace of mind. Our Managed service can be customised to give you the support and backup required covering any of the below areas:

  • Mobile Device Management – Rugged IT offer MDM solutions for a broad range of devices and OS’. Our Mobile Device Management solutions are highly customisable and offer an extensive range of features.
  • Hardware Repair Management – Is your hardware showing signs of physical damage – cracked or broken – housings, plastics, displays, touch screen/ digitizers, keyboards/keypads; broken or missing scan triggers, exit windows styluses, hand straps screen protectors battery doors? Have forklifts run over equipment; buttons sticking or devices dropped in water or set on fire? With a Rugged IT managed service plan any problems are solved. Simply dispatch the device to us and we will take care of it. You can also arrange to have replacement equipment sent to you before shipping the damaged units to Rugged IT.
  • Label Printer Maintenance – If Label Printers are core to your business and paramount to your daily operations then our Label Printer Maintenance/ Service Offering is a must have solution.
  • WiFi Management and Deployment – A  business that relies on on-site mobility, WiFi is the glue that brings it all together. Without it, your entire operation comes to a grinding halt. Reliable and fully managed WiFi by Rugged IT will ensure that your team never have to down tools due to WiFi. Our solutions are high performance and have full redundancy built into each deployment.